Common Traits Of Bogus SEO Companies

As an online business owner or blog owner, who doesn’t love getting exposure and getting lots of traffic day after day right?


Most of us know that the one main source of traffic has been none other than the search engine giant Google. Being in the first page or top 3 of the search results is indeed a privileged position for your site or any site for that matter.


However, being on top is not all magical. Many people achieve and credit this coveted top spots thanks to Search Engine Optimization or SEO.


Upon hearing SEO can bring your site to the top, many people make the mistake of hurrying off hiring SEO companies or SEO experts without first researching the said company’s reputation, credibility and background first.


You see, there are individuals who are taking advantage of this situation and have thus set up bogus SEO companies in the hopes or conning these hopeful site or blog owners of their money by advertising empty promises.


There are too many who fall into this unfortunate trap, and it is my hope that anyone reading this article can avoid this trap by learning the signs to look out for to find out if indeed the service you are looking to hire is a legitimate one.


These scams can be avoided and by knowing what some of them are the first steps to do so.


So you better watch out when they:


Guarantee A TOP Spot


Paying customers love guarantees. So when a bogus SEO company promises a customer a top spot in the search engine results (for a fee of course) then who wouldn’t accept that kind of offer.


In reality, SEO companies who are not experienced will say just about anything to earn a quick buck. They only tell you what you want to hear which includes a guaranteed a number one spot in the search results.


On the other hand, if a SEO company guarantees a rise in ranks or position then it is certainly a plausible claim.


A company that makes this kind of claim is always a better one to go for compared to one that promises you a guaranteed top spot.


Remember, guaranteeing top ranking and guaranteeing a rise in ranking are two different things.



Their Methods Are A Hush


IF the SEO companies you hire can’t tell you what their link building practices or which areas of your website they need to update, then I can tell you now that you have every right to feel paranoid.


An SEO company who also can’t justify their actions when it comes to SEO certainly spells suspicious.


Take for instance, if they said they needed to alter your site’s content or texts and yet when you ask them why the need to do so and if they can’t or simply won’t provide you with an answer then you better watch out.


Because companies who have nothing to hide usually will inform their clients on what they are going to do and why they do it.


And most of the time, they will usually work closely with their clients throughout the whole process. They will not keep their clients in the dark regarding the SEO Company’s actions.


Claim To “Know” Or Have Google’s Algorithm All Figured Out


This is not true. People only know pieces of the SEO pie and to claim they know the entirety of it is another bogus lie. Nobody knows anything about everything when it comes to SEO or Google’s Ever-changing algorithm.


Google is always changing their algorithm in an attempt to provide better search results for their users.


Coupled with the fact that Google employees are under strict Non-disclosure Agreement (no surprise there) anyone who claims to know Google’s exact algorithm is just another farce.


Have Nearly Non-Existent (Or Dodgy) Customer Support


Legitimate and successful companies (online or offline) will always give their customers the utmost priority and respect.


And it is certainly wise for them to do so because what is a company without their customers.


For “companies” that gives you the runaround when answering your questions or can never seem to give a direct answer then you have to be careful towards these so called SEO companies especially when your query takes a lot of time to respond to.


When it takes many days or even weeks for you to get any response from these companies, it can already tell you a lot about them.


Professional or reputable companies rarely (or never) leave their customer hanging and will do everything in their power to cater to their customer’s needs, in every way, which includes support as well as after-sales support even.



Take Ownership Of Your Content


SEO companies should not need to take over your content to perform SEO.


When dealing with SEO companies, it is always a good idea to have everything in black and white such as a contract, therefore protecting both of you in the process. But you have also need to be careful and please read any terms or agreement thoroughly as well.


Because it may be possible these SEO companies “trap” you this way. If you sign to an agreement that states that the SEO companies have full control and ownership over your site and its contents then there is nothing much you can do.


Why would they do so?


Because these fake companies would love to take over domains and then re-purpose your website to do other things such as sending out spam or other illegal stuff. And it’s all under your name, so they won’t get in trouble if they do get caught.




These are just a few of the many traits of fake SEO companies out there looking to scam many unsuspecting people and make a quick buck out of it.


If you do not wish to fall prey to these companies, then it is your responsibility to research a SEO company’s background and testimonials or reviews before approaching them.


Ask them questions that you already know the answers to. That way, you can find out if they are indeed truthful. In a way, you could say it might be sort of “testing” them. And since your hard earned money is at stake here, I believe it is your right to do so.


Hiring the wrong SEO Company can result in you wasting more money and time in repairing the damage done to your website and thus your business.