Building A Massive Audience For Your Blog

A blog’s followers ensure the blog continue to flourish because a blog is and always will be, for the readers. Blogs which prioritize anything BUT its readers will have a short lived existence on cyberspace.


But running a real blog is no simple matter. Serious blogging takes time, patience and effort. Ask any serious full-time blogger and they will tell you the same thing.


It certainly helps if you have the passion in what you do, but passion can only take you so far. Passion is what drives you, but without direction your blog won’t go anywhere.


If you want to be an owner of a successful blog, or if you would like to take your blog to the next level, here are a few tips that you can use to help you do just that.

A Common Tone


Your blog has to cater to a specific crowd, or target audience if you will. Your blog, especially if it’s something that you plan to make money with, has to stick to a certain theme. This of course is related to the niche that you have chosen.


You can’t go on blogging anything about everything under the sky, not only will you find it hard to have a solid footing in being an authoritative figure your targeted niche; you are just going to confuse your readers.


Just choose a theme and stick to it. Only then are you able to build a circle of readers which is able to relate to your blog. If you plan to gather a circle of people interested in Internet marketing, then your blog’s main theme has to be Internet marketing. Not gardening or golf.


That way, your followers who are interested in Internet marketing will always find something valuable and not simply wasting their time when they visit your site.


When it comes to your blog’s theme, do not be a “Jack -Of-All-Trades and master of none.”


A Figure


When you have a blog, even though it might be a business blog, understand this…that a blog is a way for a business or someone to be more personal with their customer base or readers.


When you have a blog, people expect you to update it, and it’s best if you can do so at least once a week. Better yet if you can do it 2 or 3 times a week.


However, if you plan to update it more frequently, be aware that you set the standard of your blog’s update frequency and your readers will come to expect it. If you find that things are getting out of hand, and if you find it difficult to cope, then hire a group of writers for your blog.


There are multiple benefits to having more than one writer for a single blog. First, it keeps your content fresh and interesting because it presents a different perspective for your readers, which surely they will appreciate. Secondly, having team of writers ensures that your blog get updated frequently and consistently.


And since the Google Panda updates loves fresh content, the search engines and your readers will come to love you for it.


Infrequent and irregular update patterns will only discourage readers to come back to your blog often.

Even loyal readers can lose interest in your blog if you fail to update your blog frequently and consistently.


There are so many other websites out there, if you don’t give them a reason to come back to yours, they never will.


Be Unique


There are literally hundreds or even thousands (or hundreds of thousands) of other bloggers who run a similarly-themed blog as yours.


Let’s say you have a blog about Internet marketing, there are hundreds or thousands of other blogs out there which will be talking about the similar topic as well. However, similarly-themed blogs don’t mean similar approach and voice.


You must set yourself apart from the other blogs out there. Find out what you can do to be unique.

You have to find that unique something so that people can instantly recognize your brand or name.


Your approach can be one of the ways to make yourself unique. Like how you relate or approach your audience. Are you one who always sees the lighter side of things? Or does your blog have a more serious tone to it? Or do you personally enjoy stirring up controversies?


It’s up to you to find your unique voice and preferable one that can resonate well to your target audience.


Social Media – A Social Must


In this digital age, social networking is everything. And thanks to social media and social networking sites, networking has never been easier and easily widespread.


Social media is one of the best ways for you to get the word out there regarding your blog. Any self-respecting online business or blog owner should never get caught without a Facebook or Twitter account. Your blog should be no different.


Plus, just about everyone who is anyone has a social media or networking account. Therefore it is the perfect opportunity for you to connect to people who are in the similar niche or industry as yours.


These are perfect places to meet people who are interested in mutually beneficial business deals, joint venture partners and projects and of course potential prospects.



It will take some time for any new blog to start seeing real results. Like many successful bloggers out there, persistence is the key and like many things, the most difficult part is always in the beginning.


With constant nurturing coupled with the right ingredients, no doubt your blog will grow successfully and that is when you can start reaping the rewards.