Building A Better Blog For Your Online Business

As an online entrepreneur, owning a blog can be a valuable asset to your business. With a blog, it’s a chance where you can build relationships with your customers and at the same time you can build your reputation which further solidifies you as a key figure in your chosen niche.


When you can understand your target audience better, it will help you to serve them better by identifying and eventually catering to their wants or needs. Therefore, they will always come looking for you even for those needs or wants, even if it does mean paying for it. The money earned can be used to fuel your business and drive it further forward towards bigger and better success.


However, money should NOT be the MAIN driving force behind your blog. Always put your fellow readers first, and they will reward you in more ways than one.


Every blog post is a chance to meet or exceed your current readers’ expectation and impress those who are new. For every blog post, you are expanding your list of blog followers.


Here are some tips to further enhance and maximize the potential of each future post:


1. Personal Touch



Constantly providing value to your readers and it will certainly be enough reason to keep them coming back again and again to your blog. An example of offering value through your blog is to teach them something new or tell them something that they previously didn’t know about.


Anyone can blog, but not anyone can blog with the purpose of delivering value, now that takes time and effort and many bloggers don’t bother going through. If you certainly need time to come up with awesome content, then take all the time you need. One valuable post is better than 10 garbage ones.


Also, try to inject your own personality into your content. That way, people can get to know you for who you are through your blog. And when people get to know you on a more personal note, it’s easier to build relationships that way, be it business or personal. Adding your own personal views and opinions to the currently talked about subject matter is also a great way to personalize your content.


People can tell when you are being fake so just be yourself and have fun. It makes coming up with content easier on yourself.


2. Spice It Up


Nobody says a blog have to purely consist of walls and walls of text. Add something to satisfy the other human senses such as visual or audio components. In other words, images, videos, or audio.


Images such as info-graphics are very popular these days. It stands for information graphics and basically it is facts, data or information presented in a more graphical way. It’s great to look at, fun, and you get to learn things in a more interesting way.


Videos are also a great way to spice things up. Everyone loves a good video. The video could be one that you created on your own, or one that you have found from the Internet from sites such as YouTube. Either way, you can embed it in your blog posts (provided if they are related to the theme of your website of course.)


Audio files such as pod-casts are also great. Nearly everyone is carrying a mobile phone nowadays. Which make it easier for just about anyone to download and bring your blog’s pod-cast with them so that they can listen on the go.


It’s great to incorporate different mediums in your blog, but be careful not to go overboard and always find out what is the best way to deliver it to your audience in your posts.



3. Ask For Feedback


Having a blog is a great way to reach and connect to your readers. And nothing beats reaching out to them asking for their opinions, views, perspective on their subject matter and asks for feedback at the end of your posts.


When you encourage people to share their thoughts and opinions and start to get the conversation rolling, more and more people will be engaged in on the conversation as well and who knows, even your readers might teach you a thing or two that you previously didn’t know or wasn’t aware of. They can be amazing that way.


You will have to moderate what is being discussed. Sometimes spam can slip through the spam filters and it should be removed as soon as possible. This is because a family-friendly business blog’s reputation can instantly be ruined if there are suddenly adult-oriented ads in the comments’ section.


However, any negative or unhappy comments directed towards you or your business shouldn’t be simply deleted. Show them that you are better than that and actually confront the problem in a professional way and in a neutral tone, no matter how you are feeling.


Try to find a way to find a way to resolve the problem. When people really see that you do care and do listen to your readers or customers, you are certainly going to earn a much respected reputation on the World Wide Web, which in turn is great for you and your business brand.


Even though a blog is a place where you can be yourself while connecting to your fellow readers, you must also maintain some level of professionalism at times because your blog may be personal to you, but it still represents your business or brand.