Are You Ready To Manage More Than 1 Website

Everyone needs to crawl before they learn how to walk. And everyone needs to learn how to walk before they can run. In short, everyone needs to start out small before they can move on to bigger and better things. The same applies to an online business.


Every online business owner out there needs to start out small. It is the perfect platform for them to learn the ropes and to try out theories, marketing strategies, so on and so forth.


Every business owner will experience different varying degrees of success, ultimately the experience gained from running their very first online business can indeed be used for a 2nd, 3rd or even 4th business website…


In theory, the sky’s the limit.


There is a good reason behind owning more than just a single business website because every subsequent website is a chance to add another income stream.


Plus, there is also the saying that goes “Don’t Put All Your Eggs Into One Basket”. So if you have more than one site, losing any one of them wouldn’t instantly spell the death of your income stream if compared to owning just a single site.


The theory of how many sites you can own is indeed limitless, but what about in the practical world?

Is it actually a good idea?


There is also an issue of too much because you run the risk of stretching yourself too thin. Because it does require investment in terms of time, money, and effort, and therefore running multiple sites at one time can definitely be straining in that aspect.


Either way, here are some tips which you should take into consideration should you decide to own (or already own) more than 1 website.


Prioritize And Automate


Schedule and set aside adequate time for you to spend on each of your website. You need to plan in advance the needed time frame to spend on each website, and you need to list out the goals and tasks which are required for each of your website.


What is more important is to always keep them updated and never leave one unattended for too long. Search engines and web site visitors love fresh and frequently updated content so that responsibility rests purely on your shoulders.


With the right tools used at the appropriate time and place, many aspects of an online business can be automated. Take for example, the scheduling of posts.


Once you get your creative juice flowing, and then churn out as much content as you can and keeps the momentum going. However, you don’t have to publish everything you have already written in one go. Schedule them to be published automatically with 1 or 2 days in between each post.



Sell Before Stale


There might be many reasons for you to start a new niche website. In addition to having multiple income streams, maybe you just got tired of the old one and simply lost interest.


That is perfectly fine and it happens. When we lose interest in something or the passion about that subject or niche is no more there, and then it can be very difficult in continuing to pursue it. It many instances, it is always wiser to move on to newer things.


However, instead of totally ignoring your old sites and simply let it wither away (especially if you don’t plan to update it anymore) then it might be a better move for you to sell off your website.


Websites which are aged and complete can usually fetch a high price on the market and you might be able to use the money earned from selling it to invest into your new and shiny website.





If you feel that you can’t cope with the content creation of your websites, then it is time to hire writers on your team. Eventually, your business will keep growing and it will come to a point where you no longer foresee and personally handle every aspect of your online business anymore.


In this situation, you can either buy articles (make sure they are unique), or you can always hire in-house writers whom you can work closely with.


Make sure to maintain quality control on the written articles. Even though the tone of the style of writing may differ from writer to writer, it is perfectly fine for your readers because it keeps things interesting. However, remember to ensure that the contents are always related, unique, and fresh and ultimately delivers something of value to your target audience.



Facing Reality


Ultimately, before you go charging head on to build a new website, you must first ask yourself,

“Do you really have the time, interest and the will to put extra work and effort into another website?”


If it’s easy to answer “Yes” to that question, then by all means go for it. If you find yourself self-doubting then maybe the time hasn’t come yet for you to do so.


You must know your limits because you need to also set aside time for family, friends, and the real world. Focusing too much on work will only lead you to be burnt out and if that happens, productivity will really suffer and all the growth, progress and productivity on all your sites will simply grind to a halt.