Anatomy Of An Efficient Email Opt-In Page

Email marketing has and still remains strong after all these years. It still continues to be one of Internet marketer’s best money making assets, which is their email list. But building a list just for the sake of having one doesn’t mean you can automatically rake in the cash after some time. It’s not as simple as that.


And it doesn’t matter how big a list is. Ultimately, it’s how you use it that matters. Any email list has potential, but it all boils down on how to correctly tap into that potential.


But of course, to have a great list right from the start depends on how you build it when you started. If you had a great list right from the start then chances are you will be able to profit from it for many years to come, provided you maintain the same high standards in nurturing it as well you did in building it. In short, treat your list well, and your list will treat you well too.



Here are some ways to get great leads while getting a high opt-in rate from your opt-in page:


Who Matters


When it comes to an email list, what you really want is an active list and not just a big list. A big list filled with inactive subscribers is just useless to have. You are better off with a small list full of active leads.


However, to have an active list, you must first identify your target audience. This shouldn’t be difficult assuming you have already pinpointed who they are when you decided to build your online business or delve into your chosen niche.


When you know who are the people you want to be on board your email list then it will be reflected in your opt-in message. When you know your target audience, the way you speak in your message, the tone, approach, and content will be catered to be related to your target audience. When it’s catered to them, it can generate interest, hype, trust, and thus establish a deeper emotional connection with them.


When they are interested in your niche or offer, then they are more than likely be very responsive in your email marketing campaign.


One Call-To-Action


Your opt-in page has one purpose and one purpose only. This is to get people to opt-in into your email list. Whatever headline, sub headline, paragraph, content, header, footer or link you have on that page will serve to fulfill that call to action.


Too many times an opt-in page has too many things going on such as links leading to other areas of the site or distracting banner ads. This all confuses the readers as the page asks the visitor to perform many other things in addition to opting-in.


By giving them too many other options, they might not opt-in if they decide to follow another link or simply by leaving the page. So when it comes to the opt-in page, leave the call-to-action to only opting-in and leave all other unnecessary options and links out of the picture.




Headlines, subject headers, or heading it all needs one thing from you. For it to be catchy. You have to make it stand out by having it emboldened, underlined, colored, so on and so forth. You have to make it pop out and you need to make it speak to your audience. It needs to be the very first thing they read once that opt-in page loads.


First impressions are everything. This is especially true in the online world. Once you get their attention from the appearance, you must come up with a catchy line that relates or speaks to its target audience. It has to be enticing enough that it gets the target audience to scroll down and read the rest of the content on the page.


It also has to be related to what the overall content is about and nothing misleading or deceptive. Deceptive tactics are only effective on deterring people from ever coming back to that page or site.


Speaking of which, the headline has to be related to the page, advertising or link that led them to the opt-in page. If they were somehow misled to the opt-in page, they will not appreciate being deceived in such a way. And there is simply nothing stopping them from leaving.



What’s In It For Them


Why should they listen to you? Why should they give you their e-mail just because you ask them to do so? Why would they want to go through all that effort for nothing in return?


And that is where your incentives come in.


Yes, the simple act of giving their e-mail might seem like too much of an effort for some because they are not getting anything in return. Some people will not even bother even though they have fully read and understood the entire context of the opt-in page.


However, throw in a little incentive such as a free download, be it an e-book, or software, or Webinar, or other instantly obtainable digital download as a present in exchange for their e-mail, suddenly the whole idea of just giving your email in exchange of something free is more than attractive. To really entice your target audience, offer them something that they can relate to. This is where knowing what your audience loves, wants and needs beforehand really come in handy.


A free giveaway is also a great way to highlight your expertise and knowledge in your industry or niche. By becoming someone who is really knowledgeable, genuinely helpful and as someone who always over-deliver in your niche or industry, you will have lots of loyal followers on your hands (and not to mention opt-ins)



How Much Is Too Much


The best way to know more about our target audiences is to ask them what you need to know. However, if your opt-in looks like an exam sheet then expect very people to opt-in into your email list no matter how enticing the free giveaway was.


People who are opting-in are either someone new or relatively new to your website. Therefore, they do not really trust you yet because they don’t know who and what your business is all about. Asking for so many questions at a time in your opt-in form and people will start thinking twice because people might be suspicious on what you are going to do with such information and they will really doubt if it is indeed necessary.


Some of the information might be more sensitive to most and they will be very heavyhearted to give it away. It’s not enough for you to re-design your questions, but the correct way is to cut it down on the number of questions to…preferably just 1 and in this case, just their email.

By making it easier (and simpler) for them to give out their details then the more people will be willing to opt-in. Plus, additional information about them can be simply collected once they are already opt-into your list and only when you have built a trusted and credible reputation with them after some time. It’s just a matter of timing.




There are just too many aspects to an opt-in page that the only way to fully maximize its potential is through constant testing and tweaking. Even subtle changes can make a world of a difference in the long run. If there are problem areas which you believe can be improved, then by all means run several test versions of it and utilize the ones which perform better or best.