A Simple $50 – $75 A Day Income Generating Affiliate System You Can Apply In Your Online Business

A Simple $50 – $75 A Day Income Generating Affiliate System You Can Apply In Your Online Business.

The Simple $50 – $75 A Day System Explained…

First and foremost if you know me well enough by now you’ll know that I always encourage my students to build their own email lists before doing anything else online.

It still is and always has been the BEST and most consistent way to make a full time living online and even more so; “life changing incomes online”.

But once you get that step well and truly sorted in your business you can look towards supplementing those incomes using other simple but consistent money making methods online too.

So list building won’t be greatly mentioned in this training today but if you feel that you could somehow take this method and use it in your own unique way to help build your lists in other areas then please feel free to do so.

But what I will say is that the only way you can make this system work for you is to take action right away on what I’m about to show you and put in the consistent effort that is required to make this method work.

Systems are great but they all need a little elbow grease to get them working.

This isn’t one of those methods that will make you an instant 5 figures within the first 4 weeks but if you do apply these methods then it is very possible for you to be able to reach at least $1,000 – $1,500 per month as long as you don’t get distracted and keep on adding enough traffic into these systems to keep them ticking over.

Another advantage to this method (just like list building) is that it is measurable and SCALABLE too which means that you can take some of the profits you earn and re-invest it back into the system and make it more efficient and effective enough for it to become self sustainable.

So if you were earning $1,000 per month at the beginning and you wanted to scale that up to $4,000 per month then you could look at your results you were getting now and re-invest enough of those incomes back into the system to reach those new monthly income targets.

Okay with that said let’s begin:


Tools You’ll Need

  • Choose a good performing affiliate program with a proven track record
  • A professional looking but simple website
  • And of course a nice flow of traffic using free and paid methods



A very basic website will suffice as long as you have good content on each page that can convince people to take action you’ll be fine.

Your article that you create and place onto your website only needs to explain what you’ll be giving to them for free as long as they sign up to the offer or service that you’ll be promoting.

This can be anywhere from 200 – 500 words long and explain enough times that they can get something for FREE in order to grab their attention.


Because I’ve dealt with countless hosting programs over the years there’s a distinct difference between them that you need to consider.

Not paying out on time, crazy delays on their payout schedules, little to no support for their affiliates and so on.

All time wasted when you could be promoting offers that bring in a steady flow of cash and pay up on time.

So we’re going to be focusing on promoting “Web Hosting” companies as this is a huge niche in its own right and there are just too many people out there who don’t know how to set up their first website and are desperate for someone to help them.

Let’s look at some reputable hosting affiliate programs you could promote as recommended by me:

  1. Arvixe.com – They offer $70 – $135 per sale which is pretty good considering they haven’t had an affiliate program set up for too long.

Arvixe are off the beaten track and offer a free domain name too when someone joins their hosting program which is extra bait for you of course. People often get tired of the big guns being rammed down their throats so this web hosting affiliate platform is well worth looking into.


  1. Hostgator.com – We all know and have heard of host gator before and these guys offer some great payouts of you can drive this system into overdrive and really scale up your numbers.

They pay out $50 – $125 per sale and with the brand recognition on your side you can really take advantage and get aggressive with promoting these guys to your prospects.

I recommend you start out with promoting them through CommissionJunction.com first as this guarantees you’ll get paid $100 on every sale made no matter what. The after that you can transition your program over to their in house one instead.


  1. Bluehost.com– Come with a fierce reputation so you know that you can promote this offer without seeing almost any refunds or cancellations from those you refer to this offer.

Again I would recommend going through CJ.com as you’ll get a flat $90 per sale rather than the start off $65 per sale if you promote directly through Blue-host them selves.




This is where you’ll want to go that extra mile for your prospects by offering them a free set up service of their website(s) ONLY if they agree to buy the hosting packages you recommend to them through your direct affiliate link(s).

Setting up websites can be done in just a few clicks and won’t take any longer then 10 minutes especially if you’re using a platform like WordPress.

And more often than not you will be using WordPress anyway as almost all of these hosting services come with FREE WordPress installs anyway.

All you’ll need to do is enter the C-panel function you’re given when you sign up with the hosting company and then click a few buttons and “Voila” you have installed a brand new spanking website and your customers will LOVE you for it!

To speed things up even more you can hire someone to do this for you for just $5 at Fiverr.com.

This is how you can outperform the competition and take all of the customers for yourself because you’re actually offering the set up service absolutely FREE of charge to your customers and if your competition isn’t doing this then who do you think they are going to choose?



Craigslist.org and Backpage.com – Both are great for posting your offers in many cities around the globe but Back Page seems to have fewer restrictions on the number of ads you can post per day compared to Craigslist.

Just try to stick to the “Services” and “biz opps” sections as shown above to post your ads to as this is where your target market mainly hangs out on these sites.

Now let’s talk about creating your ad so that people can start clicking on it and go through to your website so they can buy a hosting package through one of your chosen affiliate hosting companies.




  1. Your headline – Doesn’t need to anything too complicated just something with the word “FREE” in it and a quick explanation that you’re willing to set up their brand new website fast and for no cost what so ever.

You could use something similar to this example below:




  1. Main body explanation – Again you don’t need anything too long just explain what your service does and list all the benefits of your free website installation service and explain that they’ll have to sign up to one of the web hosting companies through your link below first before they qualify for this service.

Example below:

“Do you need a website for personal or business purposes but don’t know how to set one up or don’t have the funds available? DON’T WORRY we’ll create and set up your website ABSOLUTELY FREE!”

This will include…

  • Full FREE set up service – You pay NOTHING!
  • We’ll build you a professional looking website that gets full approval from all the major search engines
  • All the add on features like plug-ins and hacker protection ones too included as part of the service
  • A website built specifically around your particular customer needs
  • All completed within 1 day and sent to you with no money down!


“All you need to do to claim this amazing FREE offer is to first go and register via this special link below as this will allow your business to be shown on all the major search engine sites like Bing, Yahoo and Google”. Nothing else is required on your behalf.



This should take you no longer than 10 minutes to set up an ad like this one as shown above.

After that you can post this ad at Craiglist.org or Backpage.com and then after a while look at your results and change any parts of your ad to see if you can improve your results from each variation ad that you create.

You’ll need to create multiple ads and use a decent tracking service so that you can compare your conversion rates from each ad and dump the ones that aren’t proving to be winners and keep the ones that are getting you the best results.

Another great advantage to this set up is that as soon as one of your prospects clicks on your ad and goes through for more information they only have to pay up to $5 for the web hosting that you recommended to them and you get paid $50 – $135 depending on which hosting service you decide to become an affiliate for.

They get this incredible set up service and a chance to have their site built for them and displayed on Bing, Yahoo & Google for just $5 and you get to keep all of the great commissions!



Forums – Yes forums can have lots of new business owners and opportunity seekers who are desperate and looking for help with getting their new business and websites up and running.

If these forums allow banner advertisements and alike then you can invest in this advertising to present your offer to them and get lots of targeted potential customers begging you to set up this service for them.

Joining FaceBook groups – FaceBook can be an absolute goldmine once you begin to interact with certain groups that are being created in their droves every single day it seems.

Most of these groups that you can join are FREE and one way of getting into them is to make friends with others at forums if you see them advertising their F.B. groups at these forums.

You could offer to help them with anything that they might find useful for their business and even give them something of value of yours for free.

I’ve joined tons of F.B. groups just by being friendly and helpful to folks whether it be offering great commissions for promoting my offers or giving them access to one of my products so they can give it away as a BONUS to help them make more sales or to build their lists.

Once you’ve been allowed to join these groups you can post your ads their up to several times a day and you can even ask them within your ad copy to put in a friend request or PM you for more details. You could even have them opt into your email list first to get more details and then simply re-direct them to a page that gives them more details.

So remember that it isn’t just down to the strategies I’m teaching you here today but more about connecting with others and getting into F.B. groups so you can spread your offer far and wide across the web.

So to cap things off remember that once you get things moving with this $50 – $75 a day strategy you can pretty much put things on complete auto pilot by using Fiverr.com to hire someone to do all the website set up and building for you.

All you’ll have to do then is take the orders from your ads and send them to your hired worker at Fiverr.

All you have to do now is take what I’ve shown you here today and take……….MASSIVE ACTION!!!

Are you going to do it?

I sure hope so and I also hope that you enjoyed this nice little money making method I’ve shared with you here today.

And please let me know how you get on using this method and any insights to how you advanced this method to work even more efficiently would be welcomed greatly.