A 5 Hour Coach Trip, A Long Weekend & Being Slapped By A HUGE Wet Fish…

fishslapI can remember my first big I.M.
“Get Together” down at the O2
Arena in London.

I traveled down on my own on a
coach from Manchester packed full
of strangers and couldn’t wait to get there.

Mostly because I don’t like not being able
to talk to anyone for hours on end and the
coach seemed to take forever to get there.

Anyway when I finally arrived I took to my
seat and soon realized that all these BIG
GUN marketers were warming us up…

…To try and sell us their UP-GRADE
training seminars that they were hosting
later on that year.

They seemed to be using every trick in
the book to get people to sign up.

Looking back now I just don’t see how
these heavy handed tactics could possibly
be accepted in today’s marketing world.

Anyway – back to today’s point…

I managed to get chatting to a group of
well-seasoned internet marketers at the
interval breaks that were sat close to me.

After all the introductions and small talk
had died down within my new found I.M.
group of friends…

…One of the quietest members of the group
will always stick in my mind.

This is simply because everyone seemed
to be talking about one of his affiliate
systems he was using to great effect.

I can remember standing there thinking
that if only I could manage to get my hands
on such a system…

…And at the time because I was too shy
& down right stupid to ask him myself how
he was doing it.

Every one of the members of the group
seemed to be excited about using the
same system themselves.

I naturally assumed that he had shared his
system with the group because he knew
them and had traveled down to London
with them.

Afterwards as everyone was getting ready
to head home I asked one the ladies from
the group how long they had all known each

…And how many of these I.M. meets they
had been to before.

She quickly replied to my amazement that
they were mostly couples that had quickly
got together within this I.M. seminar and
just exchanged a bunch of ideas between

She later went on to explain that most of
her JV partners, online business ventures
& other successful online marketing
strategies she had used…

…Were all from just approaching other
like minded Internet Marketers like her
& her partner and asking questions plus
sharing ideas etc.

At the time I really did feel as though I
WET FISH! (Many times over)

Because although I had a great time at
the event and had picked up some
good tips along the way…

I didn’t ask questions amongst the group
of Internet Marketers that were clearly
doing the right things and networking
amongst one another to ‘Rocket Propel’
their online business success.

So today’s lesson is that whenever you
see someone doing something that is
bringing them in 4 & 5 figure incomes
every single month…

…Don’t allow it to make you feel as
though it is out of your reach…

…and is something that only a select
group of people can have at their

Ask questions, take some notes.

Take action on it!

Etc etc.

You will find that most people are only
too happy to sit down with you and show
you how they became successful.

I know us blokes can be a bit shy at asking
for help most the time.

It can make us feel a bit worthless if we are
not seen to be in the know.

But I can tell you that ignorance and shyness
to ask for help will cost you ten times more than
looking like a newcomer and being brave
enough to seek a better financial future for
yourself by asking questions.

Have a fantastic day
Gavin Birchall


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