6 Months Of Pain, No Sales, No List, Total Confusion & Without Any Help Or Guidance

money-handcuffed-200 Rewind back a few years now when I
first got into Internet Marketing on a
really serious scale…

…And I can remember receiving an
email from a well-respected, HUGELY
successful online marketer at that time.

The email was one of those content
packed information ones that really
hammered home how all the GURU’S
were using sales funnels to make
massive incomes online.

Of course at the time this was like
being given access to the ‘Holy-Grail’
of I.M. success.

As I watched the video on his blog
I can remember that warm feeling
inside of ‘This Is It’ I can go out &
do this for myself.

So I downloaded the video from his
blog (as it gave a download link below
the video) & wrote out a plan of action.


That is what you should be doing before
you do anything else right…



Well yes that is what I did.

But wanna guess how long it took me
to get my 1st online sales funnel up &



The truth is that back then there was
a build up happening in the Internet
Marketing community where something
big was about to hit the scene.

All the ‘Big-Time’ marketers were
realizing that sharing their ‘Blueprints’
to their subscribers…

…Was becoming big business in terms
of response & ultimately “BUYING” rates
from their email lists etc etc.

So there I was following one of those
blueprints (top secret sales funnel if
you wish) but without knowing…

…Or having any idea how to build the
damn thing, where to get all the tools
necessary to complete my 1st sales

…And more to the point, what I was
supposed to do with my new subscribers
when I finally managed to get them onto
my email list(s)

I literally spent months learning HTML,
watched countless WordPress tutorials,
made countless technical errors, had
my 1st site hacked (by some Nigerian
hacker that placed a scary looking face
onto my new site that was actually laughing)…

…Plus, after all that I finally ran out funds
and couldn’t afford to pay my hosting

Trust me I am not looking for any kind
of sympathy here…

…Simply because I now know that this
was just one of life’s tests to see if you
can come back from one of it’s delays…

…& keep going until you get that pointy
finger that says “Yes You Are Now Ready”
and you suddenly get through all the
S**T that life has thrown at you…

And you finally see your very first sale
appear as if by ‘MAGIC’ in your affiliate


You have to go through all the crap
(like that guy in the Shawshank film)
& finally come out…


Everything just seemed so much more
hush hush back then.

You would get the A-G plan but you
wouldn’t get the complete A-Z plan.

So after this long winded rant…

…What is your point this time I
here YOU ask?

Well these days marketers are 100
times more giving in terms of letting
you grab all the tools, strategies,
techniques, auto-pilot secrets etc etc.

Back then these marketers were
charging thousands of dollars for
one weekend tuition courses…

…Then they would still try to ‘Up-Sell’
you after the event had finished.

So what I am saying is that you now
have a chance to get in the game at
a fraction of the time (and cost) it took
me and so many others a few years ago.

My advice is to grab anything that cuts
your learning to shreds…

…And use it to your advantage right

Don’t spend 6 months like I did trying
to learn everything there is to know.

Just use the tools, design your DREAM
sales funnel, execute, test, tweak &

Have a great day!

Gavin Birchall


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