5 Powerful But Simple Tips & Strategies That Can Keep Your I.M. Business Alive & Kicking This Year

life saver-300Today I am going to share with you what I currently think are the top 5 powerful but simple tips & strategies that can keep your I.M. business alive and kicking this year and way beyond.

Now there are lots more I can come up with here…


…I know most of you are all probably at different stages and have varied experience levels at making money online and Internet Marketing skills also.

This is why some of these tips have been selected to get the newest of newcomers to get started with I.M. and get their business up and running for less than the cost of a family day out.


…Some nice little tweaks you can make to your own sales funnel(s) to make sure you ADD $1,000’s to your bottom line over the next 12 months or so.

Either way I’m very excited to be sharing these with you all today because I’ve added these to my whole business strategy over the years and they’ve worked like a charm for me.


…Here are some vital tips and recommendations you can add to your own business today. Whether it be to build a highly profitable email list of subscribers or making a few tweaks here and there. You can start seeing some nice positive changes to your business or even save your business from going from nothing to massive growth.

Vital I.M. Tip #1

I know that for most newcomers (especially) to I.M. most don’t have a lot of money to invest in things like…

…Domain names and hosting.

Now these are very cheap indeed but I also understand that these are vital if you want to get up and running so I know a little cunning trick you can use that can get you all this for next to nothing.

Take a look at the video below and I will reveal all:

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Vital I.M. Tip #2

Adding a VIDEO to your squeeze pages can raise your opt in rates by a WHOPPING 10% did you know?

Yes I have tested this myself and I have made sure that I now add them to my own squeeze pages wherever possible.

Videos allow you and the potential lead/customer to instantly bridge the gap and introduce what you have to offer in a more inviting and engaging way.

People don’t want to be second guessing who they are getting information from and most will leave your squeeze page if you don’t at least allow them to be introduced by you and allow them see what you are going to be giving them in exchange for their email address.

Just imagine if you are getting 500 visitors to your website week.

And you now increase your opt in rate by 10% or more!

How many more leads is that being added into your sales funnel over the next 12 months?

I’ll let you do the maths on that one.

Vital I.M. Tip #3

As you move through the process of building a successful sales funnel…

…You MUST add more products to it.

But not only that…

…YOU must aim to gradually INCREASE the price of those products to HIGHER PRICED TICKET products.

This will give you more profits, more return on any paid traffic investments and will eventually build a rock solid and dependable business model for you that literally pays for itself.

All you need to do then is upscale and pay for BIGGER traffic packages.

Of course as you move along you can try using affiliate programs at the back end of your sales funnels to increase your profits if you don’t currently have any high ticket offers yourself.

Vital I.M. Tip #4

Write down your OWN experiences, enlightenment’s or anything YOU think helped YOU change your business for the greater good.

Over time you will be able to turn those notes you’ve made into your own products (that you can sell), FREE gifts to give away and build your list, blog posts and much more.

Remember that not everyone knows what YOU know.

There are millions of newcomers out there who started out just like you and are desperate for someone to help them and guide them through the INFORMATION OVERLOAD JUNGLE.

This is where YOU come in!

If you don’t make notes or record your knowledge and experiences; you’ll forget half of what you’ve learned and you’ll struggle to come with new ideas for producing products, blog posts, building a solid and dependable reputation for giving away TOP QUALITY information.

So remember this and record everything that has helped YOU so you can help others.

Vital I.M. Tip #5

Last but certainly not least…


Why try to find hundreds of customers to buy your $7 e-book when you can find just find ONLY a few hundred members and add them into your membership program that each pay you $17, $27, $47 or even $97 a month or more.

You only need to find at least 1 MONTH’S worth of content to start off with and build it up from there.

Remember the last tip where I said you need to RECORD as much of your knowledge as possible?

Well if you make videos, write posts etc etc as you go along…

…You’ll have a TON of content you can use to train your members at your membership site over a period of time.

They will gladly PAY YOU $17 – $97 a month for cutting there learning process by 90+ percent.

Most people haven’t got the time or money to look around for every single thing they need to become successful in what ever field it is they wish to pursue.

So if you can hand it ALL TO THEM…


Then this is where the longevity of them staying as members will INCREASE.

And you’ll then have a nice chunk of money coming into your online business every single month for doing little to no extra work at all.


…That’s all for today folks hope you all enjoyed these tips and make sure you bookmark this page for future reference so you can remind yourself of these tips that have helped me over the years.

Please feel free to add your comments below by expressing your views and opinions and any useful additions you may feel needs to be added to this post.