5 List Building Tips YOU Can Use To Explode Your Subscriber Numbers & Back-End Profits

If you have already read my recent articles you will know that I always aim to encourage people to start building a list of subscribers as a way of effectively communicating with subscribers who have already shown interest in what your online business has to offer. This is a great way to maximise your profit potential but building a list can take time; but there are ways in which you can improve the speed at which rate your subscriber numbers grow.

These following five proven techniques can help steer you towards a huge subscriber list in no time at all:

1. Placing Ads In Relevant Forums: Look for high traffic forums within your niche and seek out whether they have paid advertising options within them. Some of them have a classified ad section where you can advertise your offers for a relatively small fee. This is a great way to get many subscribers even if you are a newcomer to list building and have zero numbers on your list. This is perfect for getting huge numbers of targeted subscribers on to your list even if you are not well-known within the community.

2. Offer Something Of Value: This is absolutely imperative should never be overlooked. Always aim to offer something of great value and this could be in the form of an e-book, a video sample of your course, a free coaching session or anything else that entices someone to give you their e-mail address and become a subscriber to your e-mail list.

3. Add A Form Onto Your Blog: You have to regularly update your blog with fresh content that attracts new visitors. Once you are seeing regular traffic to your blog; you must add a simple opt-in form that allows visitors to sign up to your e-mail list in exchange for free information and training. Make sure your form can be seen on the main page of your blog and above the fold plus also anywhere else as people will begin to navigate your blog once it becomes renowned for providing create content.

4. Use FaceBook Fan Pages: FaceBook is a great way to use content you write down position on your blog and can be transferred and shared on sites like Facebook. You can add squeeze pages for people to opt in to your e-mail list by using the Facebook app that is available when you create your fan page. When you update your blog with fresh content; you can add it to your Facebook fan page and funnel that traffic back to your blog.

5. Do Ad Swaps With Other List Owners: Once you have built up a significant amount of subscribers on to your e-mail list; you can then look for other list owners and send each other your offers to each other’s lists. Sites like Safe-Swaps.com allow you to look at other list owners recent history by providing a score check from past swaps they have completed with other list owners etc. You can then look to do an ad swap with trust worthy list owners who are within similar niches to you and build your list that way.

As long as you know that your offer is converting well enough; you can then begin to confidently add subscribers to your list and work on converting those subscribers into paying customers that can then be added to your buyers list.