5 Highly Effective List Building Methods You Can Use In Your Online Business

Many people think of list building is being quite important to their online business success. This is by far an understatement as building a list of subscribers is vital to driving fresh leads and potential prospects into your online business sales funnel. You can quickly grow your business by capturing names and e-mail addresses of visitors that have shown previous interest in what you are to offer as a product or service.

It is crucial for you to stay in touch with these visitors and growing an e-mail list allows you to build a relationships with your potential customers and ultimately profit from this very strategy that has been proven to work time and again.

These following 5 tips are going to clear any unnecessary obstacles from your perception on list building and ultimately allow you to choose this strategy to your advantage:

Tip #1: If you already have a product or service in place; you can give a snippet of that information away for free index change for someone’s name and e-mail address. You can give this away in the form of an e-book or a video and even in audio format. This will instantly place you as an authority within your niche and allows you to further communicate with your new subscribers and sell higher-priced products to them further on in your sales funnel.

Tip #2: Once you have created your FREE offer and it is in the form of a video, you can then upload that video to YouTube for even greater exposure. This allows you to funnel free traffic back to your main blog or squeeze pages. You can leave a link below your free e-course video that points back to your blog or squeeze pages and allow your visitors to sign up for the remaining part of the free e-course. Just by splitting up your free content allows you to distribute it around the web and ultimately funnel massive amounts of traffic back to your lead capture subscriber pages.

Tip #3: If you are blogging and consistent basis which you should be; you will now have built up massive amounts of written content. Once your content has been picked up by the search engines; you can then submit that same content to leading article directories, related forums within your niche and anywhere your content will be picked up by other Webmasters and potential customers. Other blog owners within your niche will use your content for their blogs and ultimately you can leave links within your content so that when someone takes your content you now have quadrupled your amount of links around the web.

Tip #4: take advantage and use your blog as a platform to give your free information away. Use a simple lead capture form on the main page of your blog that allows you to capture visitors names and e-mail addresses.

Tip #5: You can now run your own giveaway events. New WordPress plug-ins allow you to set up these giveaway events where you can send other people’s subscribers to this event and you also return favour by sending your subscribers as well. Everyone simply uploads their free offers that link to their squeeze pages and you will see masses of traffic heading towards your free offers and in turn you are building your list for free.