5 Fast Tips How To Make More Money From Your Emails

ID-10080761-250 If you’re using “List Building” to build a solid online business around then knowing how to make money from your emails is obviously going to be a number 1 priority for you and your business.

But sending the actual email itself is only part of the whole strategy for seeing MASSIVE RESULTS from sending them out to your subscribers list.

Sending out an email is EASY! Anyone can do that right?

But you need a focus, a strategy that will enable you to get others (people on your lists) to do one very important thing every time you send out an email to them.

And that is…


Let’s face it it’s no fun having to work hard writing out emails to your lists then checking your results a few hours later to see you haven’t made a single bloody sale.

We’re not in the email marketing/list building business for the good of our health after all.

We chose list building as a way to make money online because of all the WONDERFUL STORIES we heard of how ordinary folks (like me and you) are making life changing incomes by sending out the odd email here and there a few times a week.

So why go through all that guess work and making tons of “Rookie” mistakes when you can stick to following a few simple and easy to understand rules that can persuade others (your readers/subscribers) to actually OPEN THE EMAILS in the first place but then actually want to click on your links that you strategically place inside of the emails you send out to them.

Okay with that said let’s begin showing you these simple easy to follow steps that can save you a TON of time, money & frustration lost on trying to GUESS your way around getting your email marketing campaigns to convert into real PROFITS.

Setting Yourself Up For Success

One of the best ways to ensure that you can at least see some FAST SALES (especially if you’re a beginner) from your email marketing campaigns is to go and look for a bunch of products at affiliate marketplaces like Warrior +, JV Zoo & Clickbank.

Not just any old products though and you need to bear that in mind before you rush off and start looking for affiliate products to promote within your emails.


YOU need to be looking for affiliate products that are already selling 50, 100 – 1000+ UNITS at least and are placed in a niche that has lot’s of BUYERS in them ready and hungry to buy them.

To find TOP selling products in Warrior + you can log into your account, click on the “Marketplace” link, enter the niche products you want to promote to your lists and then click search. It will then NATURALLY produce the top selling list in the marketplace for that particular chosen niche.

All you need to do then is grab your affiliate links and store them in a safe place for when you’re ready to write your emails around them.


For JV Zoo all you need to do is log in again as normal, HOVER your mouse over the “Marketplace” option and then you’ll see the “TOP SELLERS” option appear from the drop down menu. Simply click on that and you then have the option to select products from 30 days ago, 1 week ago or this very week.

Again just choose products that will go well with the niche that you’re in and grab your affiliate links and put them in a text file safe for when you’re ready to write your promotional emails.


How many products you wish you to promote within your email sequence is up to you. You can always start off with 5-10 at first and see how well they convert before adding any more to your email sequence.

At least if you only start with this figure first and they don’t do as well as you’d hoped at least you haven’t created 30-45 emails that haven’t brought you the results you’d hoped for.

But this shouldn’t happen anyway. If you focus on choosing affiliate products that HAVE ALREADY BEEN PROVEN TO CONVERT then all that’s left for you to do is make sure you follow the rest of the following email marketing training tips so that you know how to write effective emails that do all the persuading and action taking for you.

REMEMBER: The sole purpose of writing emails is to get OTHERS TO OPEN THEM FIRST AND CLICK ON THOSE LINKS!!!

Everything else that happens thereafter comes down to the following page they (your subscribers) are taken to. This could be one of your own PAID OFFERS or indeed your chosen selection of HIGH CONVERTING affiliate products.

Okay with that said let’s onto crafting your emails.

Crafting Your Emails So That They Maximize Your Chances Of Making A Sale

Okay the way I see things when it comes to writing effective emails is this: “If YOU can TYPE anything out online then YOU can write emails all day long”.

That’s obviously easy for me to say right but as soon as I realized that all you need to do is write from your own/or other peoples experiences and share relative and useful information within your emails and then ASK FOR THE SALE then you’re more than halfway to making a sale from every email you send out to your lists.

Okay let’s move onto the actual dynamics for writing effective emails.

Writing Highly effective Email Subject Headlines

Getting people to open your emails in the first place is massively important for the longevity of your email campaigns.

Lets’ face it if no one is even opening up your very first email because it didn’t entice them enough then it’s going to be doubly hard to persuade them to open any future emails you send.

I’ve found down the years that once you get people to open the first few emails you send out to them and they respond well to them, most of them stick around and stay on your lists for many months and even YEARS down the line.

This longevity allows you to build a STRONG LINE of BUYERS that you can then add to your BUYERS LISTS and sell to them again and again.

Of course this won’t be because you’ve been sending them PROMO EMAIL AFTER PROMO EMAIL but you’ve mixed that in with providing great useful tips, tricks and strategies too and that gives you the DOUBLE EFFECT advantage over most marketers who just seem to hammer their lists with pure 2-5 liners that don’t give anything apart from a promotional link.

So here’s what you do when writing effective email headlines:

  • ALWAYS CRAFT your email title around the main benefit of your chosen product

So if you were promoting a product about how to increase your “Squeeze Page” conversions you could write something like:

“How to EASILY INCREASE your opt in rates by 20-30% overnight”

  • Address the current PROBLEM

In this case it would be that people are seeing little to no results from their squeeze page conversions. So you could add to the subject headline something like:

“Struggling to see 30+ opt in rates from your squeeze pages”

Now combine the two together it could be something like:

“STOP low opt in rates NOW! – Increase opt ins EASILY by 20-30% overnight”.

As long as you address the problem and offer a SOLUTION writing headlines should become a regular practice much easier to carry out.

Email Body Copy Links

Okay now that you’ve persuaded them to open your email it’s obvious that they’re interested in what you’ve got to say and want to know more.

Here’s a few tips on how many and what you need to do when it comes to actually adding your actual promotional links within your emails.

  • Try and craft the text of your links around the actual title (subject headline) of your emails. You know that if someone has already opened up your email they are HOT and highly responsive to what it actually said to them.

So why not make your links (where your sales are going to come from) as closely related to your “Subject Headline” as you possibly can.

So as an example if your headline was:

“Top 10 Ways to Lose 20lbs in 2 Weeks”

Your promotional links could look like this:

==>> top 10 ways to lose 20lbs in just 2 weeks


==>> Click Here for top 10 ways to lose 20lbs in just 2 weeks

Just try this yourself and compare your click through rates to when you haven’t done this within your emails. Getresponse & Aweber allow you to compare email open click through rates against each other within their stats panels.

So take FULL advantage of these EXTRA BONUS features to see which strategy is bringing in the most sales.

Where To & How Often To Place Your Links

I personally like to add at least 3 links into my emails that I send out.

You see not everyone that reads your emails are the same in respect to how much of the email they are willing to read before they want to click on one of your links.

By adding 3 links (at least) to my emails I then know that this has covered almost all the bases when it comes to allowing others to decide whether they would like to quickly see the offer right away or read more of the email body copy first.

You see you always have those who want to…

  • Click through right away
  • Those who quickly scroll through, scan the body copy then click
  • Those who like to read every last word of your email (right to the bottom) before deciding to click one of your links

This just makes sure that everyone of them sees a click-able link right in front of them before making a decision.


Once you’ve chosen a nice selection of TOP SELLING affiliate products but you don’t know what to write within the actual body copy for those emails to match up with those affiliate products then here’s some very simple little trick’s you can use to get yourself up and running fast.

  • Look for content online that is related to your affiliate offers that you can craft your emails around by offering some of kind of tips or strategies around them. Use that content within your emails first then add you links. This way you are giving away great information within your emails and building up trust and credibility and you’re increasing the chances of the amount of clicks you’ll receive per email you send out
  • Add your own personality to every email you write. People don’t want to buy from machines they want to buy from real people. Use these formulas but add your own personality as you write.
  •   TEST, TEST & TEST again. Stack up all your BEST converting emails and place them all together. So if emails 3, 8,14,17,23,25,30 & 45 were your best performing emails them add them at the beginning of your sequence so you know that you can make the most amount of sales at the Front End of your email sequence.

This will allow you to quickly re-invest your profits back into your business, build your list faster and add more BUYERS into lists at the same time.

Okay I really hope you got some JUICY information out of this post and will start using them yourself in all of your future email marketing campaigns.

As usual if you want to add any further tips, leave comments or ask questions just leave your thoughts and comments below.