3 Ultra Fast Ways To Make Money Recommending Other Peoples Products

Also known as affiliate marketing; recommending other marketers products online is a great way to make good recurring incomes that continue to pay you a set amount of commissions every month by just referring somebody once.

Not all affiliate programs offer recurring commission payments but these three following tips are going to help you to quickly start making affiliate commissions unlocking the secrets to selling products online:

Using Review Blogs

If you want to increase your chances of making affiliate commissions then investing in a review blog can be a great way to recommend specific products and services. You can direct targeted traffic towards your review blog and make sales by going into detail of what the product is can do for that visitor.

There are now ready made template’s that are available so you can simply upload pictures of a particular product you wish to promote and add a simple review and away you go.

Direct Sales Approach

You can send any traffic that you produce directly to a sales page and make money that way with affiliate marketing. This is by far the simplest and fastest way of making affiliate commissions as all you need to do is to produce as much traffic as possible and send it towards the sales page you are promoting.

If you are good at building huge amounts of targeted traffic on a daily basis then this is a good route to use as you can start making huge amounts of daily affiliate commissions and a consistent basis. The only downside to this strategy is that you have to consistently produce huge amounts of traffic on a daily basis or else you run the risk of your affiliate commissions completely drying out.

Advanced Affiliate Strategy

This has to be by far the best way of increasing your chances of making a nice steady flow of affiliate commissions by recommending people’s products and services. This strategy is a bit more advanced and requires you to produce something you can give away for free in order to build an e-mail list.

Once you have produced a free gift that you can give away in order to build subscribers list. You can set up a simple one page website that allows you to capture someone’s e-mail address in exchange for that free offer. You need to make sure that your free offer is closely related to the affiliate offer you are going to be promoting at the back-end of your sales funnel.

If you can make your free offer as exciting as possible; then your new subscriber will become a hot prospect. This instantly builds up that much-needed trust between you and your new subscriber and allows you to be seen as an expert within that particular niche subject. Once you promote that particular affiliate product by e-mail at the back end of your sales funnel; you are dramatically increasing your chances of making an affiliate sale because you have spent time building up trust and relationships with those new prospects.