3 Tips You Can Copy & Start Profiting From By Sending Simple Promotional Emails

Building a list of hot prospects that are hungry for more information from you is the first step to creating a highly profitable list building sales funnel. Knowing how to create a promotional e-mail that is highly profitable is a skill that will pay true dividends once you understand how promotional e-mails should be created. You can either choose the trial and error route or you can choose to save yourself months or even years of frustration by following these three simple but vital tips.

Tapping Into Desire & Curiosity

Once someone has joined your e-mail list database and thus seeking more information from you; it is then up to you to try and build up trust and relationships with your subscribers by giving away high-quality information that will leave them wanting more information from you. Once you have taken care of this step you then need to focus on creating a carefully crafted promotional e-mail that will entice your subscribers to click through and ultimately purchase your affiliate product recommendations or even your own products and services.

Firstly you need to tap into two emotions that will trigger someone’s next action to want to click through to your target website pages. Desire and curiosity are 2 very powerful emotions to tap into when sending out emotional e-mails. You will soon see your click through rates hit the roof once you create e-mails that have people feeling a desire to curiosity to click through and read your e-mails from start to finish.

Create A Strong Call To Action

Creating a call to action is basically where you tell someone to do something next. This is often a simple text link within the promotional e-mail that directs your prospect to a target page so you can promote a particular product or service to them.

Placing one simple link within your promotional e-mail isn’t enough and you need to know how to be more strategic in using your call to action links. You need to be aware that using 3 links within your e-mails works best. This is because some people will want to know what is on the other side of your e-mail in just a couple of lines of text and will want to click through straight away. Some of your subscribers will want to read at least halfway before clicking through to your promotional target website pages.

Some of your subscribers may want to read every single word of your e-mail before deciding to click through to your promotional website pages.Aim to include three links within your promotional e-mails at each stage as mentioned above and you are then covering every subscribers personal preference for wanting to click through from your e-mails.

Add Scarcity To Further Increase Click Through Rates

Developing your skills with the first two tips as mentioned above is going to greatly improve your click through rates and increase your profits greatly. This can be even greatly improved upon by adding some scarcity to your promotional e-mails. You need to look at ways of creating enough scarcity so that people will want to click and take action straightaway rather than leaving your e-mail and becoming distracted by daily interruptions.

By leaving this step out you could lose a huge amount of sales as people forget they have even looked at your e-mails after a day or two. So a great way to make sure people click through right away is to offer a limited time availability on your product and state that the price of your product or service is going to increase every time someone else purchases that particular product or service.

This instantly leaves people thinking that they must take action now before time runs out or the price increases leaving you with higher click through rates and ultimately greater incomes day in day out.