3 Tips For Cranking Out Big Commissions By Simply Recommending Other Peoples Products

Also known as affiliate marketing; recommending other people’s products and earning commissions for doing so is a fast and easy way to make fantastic incomes online. These 3 strategies have been highly successful for many online marketers and you can start using them yourself right away.

Traffic To Offer

This is the fastest way to make affiliate commissions as it only requires you to direct targeted traffic towards a sales page of the affiliate product you are promoting. This is great for people who don’t know how to set up sales funnels, squeeze pages and blogs. You will need to develop your traffic generation skills as using this method requires you to consistently drive targeted traffic towards your affiliate offers in order for you to continue to make sales.


You can build trust and credibility around your targeted niche for promoting affiliate products. Directing cold traffic directly to a sales page requires a lot of work and if you own a blog that provides related high-quality content; you stand a greater chance of making affiliate commissions. People want to know more about what a product can deliver before making the decision of whether to purchase a particular affiliate product. You can use social media, videos, articles and other various traffic sources that allow you to funnel targeted traffic back to your blog.

Depending on your chosen niche you can either focus on directing traffic to one blog are several blogs in various niches and make sales from affiliate products by setting up one single blog are several and focusing on driving traffic back to them.

Build A Targeted Email List

If you are already using step one and two within your affiliate marketing campaigns; then you should consider funnelling that targeted traffic into a sales funnel. You can capture your visitors e-mail addresses and add them to your subscribers list. Building your own e-mail list allows you to further communicate with hot prospects that you can later promote to and recommend related to the products to them. This process can save you a lot of time and effort as you can follow up with your hot prospects over and over again.

Setting up your own list only requires you to set up a simple one-page website where you can capture someone’s e-mail address and provide a high-quality free incentive so you can persuade someone to give you their details and join your subscribers list. You can then use an auto responder service to follow up with your new subscribers and offer a nice balance of more high-quality free information combined with recommending affiliate products as well.