3 Things That Can Fast Track You Towards Internet Marketing Success This Year

3 Things That Can Fast Track You Towards Internet Marketing Success This Year

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Getting your foot onto the online “Cash Ladder” and staying there is much easier said than done.




Is it because you are incapable of being able to make life changing incomes online and building a reliable business that keeps on paying you long after you put in the hard work at the beginning?


NO! Not on my watch anyway.


Here’s why:


Most newcomers either try and learn through TRAIL & ERROR processes and end up getting lost, confused and overwhelmed.




…Some even believe that they if they can pay someone enough cash to do everything for them they won’t need to put in any work themselves.




And it’s not their fault in most cases.


There are that many claims being spouted about online that you can make thousands of dollars without having to put in any effort it seems to STICK DEEP within the mind sets of some newcomers.


This sets their expectations and they believe that they can just throw money at it and their returns will be astronomical.


Of course you can invest into ready made business models and sales funnels but you still need to know how to market them to others so that people will buy from you.


So what is the best way to make sure that you can get off to a good start this year and also use some simple cash grabbing techniques that you can use today if you wanted to?


Well I recently collected some data from some of the more recent Q&A business accelerator strategy sessions that I do with some of my students.


I’ll list them so that you can understand them better and get an idea of what people generally want help with and some of them may well relate to you.


Here’s the TOP 3 most FAQ’s my students asked me:


  1. How do I get off to the best possible start in the first 12 months online? What mindset do I need to acquire?


  1. What is the BEST & FASTEST possible way to make money online without me having to be perceived as an EXPERT?


  1. I’ve spent $100’s on Solo Ads how do I make them convert into profits for my business?

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All viable and very interesting questions indeed so what I’m going to do now is go through each one and answer them as I would with one of my students so that you can get a feel and a great insight of what you need to be doing too.


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For me this is an easy one but I’ve found that it actually goes against what most people think online.

The 1 thing that YOU MUST NOT try and do in your first 12 months online is try to completely “INNOVATE” a business model.


Don’t try and re-invent the wheel for the first few months at least.

Once you’ve fully established yourself as an online marketer and you have a business that brings in a consistent flow of cash then you can start to look at innovating and being creative with your ideas.

I see so many making this mistake online and when they wonder why no one has bought their WHACKY product online it is because no one knows who they are!

They have no credibility or status to convince others that they should buy their product.

Always look at what your potential competitors are doing, see if they’re getting results and do what they’re doing.

Okay you may be asking why right now and that is a valid question.

Here’s why:

Because your competitors are selling lot’s of products in that niche already and so are getting lot’s of REPEAT buyers in a niche that has almost unlimited ROOM for profits and repeat sales.

Just stay with me here for one second.

Do you think people who are looking to lose weight for example only ever buy 1 single product online?


Some will buy many from the same vendor; some will buy many products from many different weight loss marketers and some will go onto buy every NEW product that comes out into the marketplace.

This same pattern occurs in all the BIG niches.

Weight Loss

Internet Marketing

Personal Development

Dog Training


All niches with lots of room for repeat sales and profits online.

If I were to drill down into their sub niches too I could list 100’s more niches that have BUYERS and rabid repeat buyers too.

They’re either crazy about their hobbies and interests and will EAT UP every single product that comes their way.

Or they have a particular PROBLEM OR PAIN that needs their attention that they want solving FAST and will be more than happy to PAY YOU to solve those needs and problems for them.

  1. How to get out of debt.
  1. Acne cures.
  1. Weight loss.

I think you get my point here right?

So if you’re looking to break into a particular market but don’t want to become a CHARITY business that doesn’t make any profits then create and build a business around something that already has lots of people who are ready to spend money with you for your products and services that you provide.

TOP TIP: If you want to make more sales than your competitors from the products you sell within your niche then BUY their products, go through them and pick out then take notes of where they fell short and make your products deliver MORE than theirs.

Think about anything they could have missed out from their products or could they have given more on a particular aspect where YOU can fill the gap and deliver an all star product.

So if you’re a newcomer looking for a breakthrough or you’ve made the mistake of trying to be the “INNOVATOR” in the past and have failed then look at what is working right now!

So to recap:

  1. If you’re starting up then – REPLICATE!
  1. And once you’ve gained a foot hold in the marketplace then you can look at “INNOVATING” your business ideas.

Okay let’s move on.




I have a marketing friend that I met at a marketing event a few months ago who has used this following technique to perfection.

What he does is use a technique what is known as a “Middleman” approach where he connects the dots and takes a cut for doing so.

It’s so simple but very effective because it allows him to position himself in front of BIG online business deals without being perceived as an expert.

What he does is use valuable resources that are available to you, me and anyone else.

But here’s the CLEVER part:

He then turns those resources into a REAL BUSINESS by creating multiple level recurring paying systems from them.


They take very little work to set up once you know what you’re doing and all you need to do then is drive traffic towards them and build your customer base and get paid every single month for no extra work.

If you know me well enough by now you’ll already know how highly I regard the recurring payment business model so this method he uses is even more powerful and super simple to set up too.

It is pretty much a “SET & FORGET” system too with the odd update needed here and there now and again just to stay in touch with what is working in the marketplace right now.

Here’s the strategy:

  1. He creates a 4 – 8 month continuity program that helps others to set up some kind of system or how to make money online from home.
  1. Each weekly lesson is delivered either as a PDF or video that lasts for 30 minutes to 1 hour.
  1. Over the 4 – 8 months they get (his members) several business models that can be set up from home online and gives them step by step instructions and how to build them up from scratch.

Now you may be wondering why I’m sharing this method with you but he has told me that he actually PREACHES this stuff himself to his clients but because it is SO SIMPLE most of them pay no attention to it.

Sometimes the human brain cannot handle something that is SO SIMPLE but almost genius so it naturally comes up with ways to complicate things just to justify such a simplistic idea.

“His first weeks training business model is all about creating and running a “Drop Shipping” business online”.

He doesn’t just leave you with the basics either he actually goes into great details on how to get all the technical aspects up and running without having to be complete ‘techie’ yourself and also how to EASILY find suppliers etc.

Not only that; he also shows you where to find sites online that will PROVIDE everything you need to get started without you having to get your hands dirty too.

I know we’re going off the radar slightly here and I’m not saying that you have to look at running your own “Drop Shipping” business but I’m telling you this story so you can get an idea of how easy it can be to use what is already in front of you to your advantage.

Okay back to my friend’s method:

So for the first month you get all the tools, resources and strategy behind making it work and then at the end of that course you then get the high quality BONUS where he shares with you a particularly powerful site that will do all the GRUNT for you so that your system set up is taken care of hands free.

Can you see why this works for him?

This is HIGH quality valuable stuff here guys!

No wonder people stay on as members for months 2, 3, 4 and way beyond because they know that this stuff is pure GOLD.

Also if you were to use this strategy yourself you could make some very nice affiliate commissions from the sites that YOU recommend to your members if they were to join a site that has a “Done For You” option.

Very powerful stuff!

In the 2nd month he uses the exact same strategy but this time he shows his members how to set up their own “Supplements” business online.

Now this may seem a bit advanced but it really isn’t because there are companies that can supply any kind of supplements that are designed by you and can be bought in bulk at extremely value for money prices.

All that is left for you to do is to give those companies the details of your buyers and tell them what particular supplements those individuals want to buy.

The companies already have a huge list of individual ingredients you can choose from that are proven to be safe too.

These companies even cover the legal stuff and licenses too so you can operate your supplements business with complete peace of mind.

You could create supplements to suit various ages and levels of needs.

So for example you could create supplements that cater to fitness fanatic’s energy levels for maximum performance to senior citizens who are looking for supplements that help with back pains etc.

Interesting stuff indeed!

You’re helping others with their needs and desires and you’re making steady sales too using proven supplements with the backing of professionals who provide them for your business.

All you need to do now is start marketing your products in a unique way so that people buy your products and keep coming back for more.

I asked my marketing buddy to send me over some UK companies that supply these supplements and I discovered that are plenty of companies that only require you to order just 20 – 30 bottles to get started giving you a very low risk margin when you first start out.

All this is covered within his program too.

The set up training materials are delivered to his members within the first few weeks for those who don’t want the companies to set these systems up for them and then he actually gives you a list of companies that will set all this up for you towards the back end of the training modules.

These trainings are perfect because they can be spread out over weeks and months so that people can digest the information and learn at their own pace.

And they’re more than happy to keep paying him in-between $17 – $97 every single month because they’re getting a real business model with actionable step by step instructions.

Now you may be wondering why there is quite a big gap between the price ranges he charges but this is because he TESTS out various price points, levels of content distribution, one off payment options and other little tweaks and tests to fully maximize his return on investment.

It’s a fantastic little system and he is always looking to add more revenue streams to his existing ones too.

Okay let’s move on:




With Solo Ads you NEED TO BE MORE AGGRESSIVE with your approach!

You can’t be too timid when it comes to trying to make your investment back from Solo Ads.

Here are some tricks, tips and insights that can help you:

FINDING OUT WHO READ YOUR EMAILS THE MOST – You need to know who is reading your emails the most so that you can make back your investment as quickly as possible and then re-invest into more Solo Ads.

So who are these people?

>>> Newcomers to Internet Marketing

>>> People who are looking to earn some fast cash

>>> People who have retired from their jobs

>>> People who have lost their job

>>> Those who want to work from home and be their own BOSS!

These are people who want something from someone who has a PROVEN TRACK record and can provide them with something that can be implemented as fast as possible and with very little fuss.

HOW DO YOU PROVIDE THEM WITH WHAT THEY’RE LOOKING FOR? – If you have a product of your own that matches the above criteria then that’s fine just give them that once they opt into your list.

But if not you need to find a HIGH converting affiliate offer that can give them FAST RESULTS without having to have too much prior experience.

Most of these guys are newcomers remember so pick an affiliate offer that at least costs in-between $5 – $17 and can give them something that can make them some fast cash!

So what you can do is create a simple squeeze page that tells them briefly about your OTO offer and allows them to get access to it right away.

This allows you to build your own lists, make some fast sales and buy more Solo Ads so you can start doing Ad-Swaps with others who have the ability to do 1,000+ swaps with you.

Just imagine how fast your lists will grow doing swaps like these every single week!

HOW TO MAKE MONEY BACK FROM YOUR EMAILS FAST!!! – Because you’ve spent your hard earned cash on Solo Ads it is now time to at least get most of that investment back, break even or make a nice tide profit too.

You must try to make your investment back within the first 3 – 5 emails that you send out to your subscribers.

Again most people believe that they must have a super offer of their own that promises the earth in order to accomplish such results.


Here’s what you can do within your first 5 emails that go out automatically to your subscribers:

Email #1: Provide the subscriber with the answer to what they signed up for in the first place.

This way you’re giving them exactly what they signed for and you can then offer them the same affiliate or your own at the same time.

People love it when they get what they want and then they are much more likely to read on and click on your money links too.

Email #2: Provide any social proof or testimonials you can about your own offer or an affiliate one of your choosing.

I’m sure the product owner won’t mind you taking some great feedback quotes from his pages in order for you to send them more sales.

Then you link again to the offer after those proof quotes as this is the best time to strike as your new subscribers will be more than excited at the possibilities by this stage.

Email #3: You can use high converting PPL (pay per lead) offers to make back your investment too.

You can get paid anywhere from $0.75 – $1.75 per lead that you send to their offers.

It really is a win all round situation because your leads don’t have to pay for anything to opt in for these free gifts, you get paid for every lead that goes through your links and the owner of these offers is getting FRESH traffic and leads into their business every single day without having to drive any traffic.


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Okay that is all for today’s training hope you liked it.

All you need to do now is use these trainings as guidelines to keep you focused and stop you from keeping BUSY & BROKE!

Take action, stay on track and become successful.