3 Super Powerful Tips For Extracting More Profits From Your Email List

Easy_ButtonKnowing how to market first to your subscribers before trying to sell them anything is the best way of extracting more profits from your e-mail list. Marketing the possibilities of what your future promotional e-mails are going to offer to your subscribers is going to get your prospects excited and Ultra responsive when you come to promoting your products and services to them.

By copying these three promotional e-mail tips you are massively increasing your chances of generating consistent high profits and sales from your online sales funnel.

Using The Subtle Sell Strategy

By subtly promoting to your prospects within your e-mails whilst providing high-quality and free information at the same time you are striking a nice balance and dramatically increasing your chances of making a sale. You can direct one of your subscribers from your e-mails to a separate page that has a video or an article packed with free high-quality information on there. What you can do then is add a call to action below your free video or article that points towards your promotional product or service.

You could also just send an e-mail where you provide pure free content and then just recommended a product or service at the end of that particular e-mail.

Using The PS & PPS Methods

You may have seen a PS or PPS within e-mails yourself before. These are similar to the subtle approach as mentioned above but can catch the attention of your subscribers far more greatly than just adding more text at the end of an e-mail. You can put the PS in bold in order to draw more attention to your promotion and even use a PPS as a double barrel promotional strategy if your email is a long one packed with free information.

You can use the PS a way to get the subscriber interested in what the message is and then use the PPS as away of tapping into the scarcity emotion so you’re subscriber takes action and clicks through to buy the product you are recommending.

Going For The Hard Sell

Using the hard sell approach within your e-mails is where you simply send out an e-mail that just specifically promotes an affiliate product or your own products and services. Again you want to make sure you have provided enough high-quality free information within prior e-mails you have sent out to your subscribers before sending any hard sell e-mails out to them.

Once you have mastered this e-mail skill and are seeing regular profits from them; you should aim to try and sell as many of your own products and services as you can as this will ensure that your list building campaigns become much more profitable than recommending other peoples products and services.

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If there are any other questions regarding your list building or Internet Marketing efforts, then please let me know anytime and I will be glad to help you out.

To your success!

Gavin Birchall