3 Simple Tips To Start Making More Profits By Building An Ultra Responsive Email List

In order to start making more profits by building an Ultra responsive e-mail list you may only need to make a few tweaks here and there to your sales funnel in order to turn ordinary profits into highly profitable ones. You need to follow a few simple rules that allow you to take full advantage of the list building tools that are available to you. These 3 following tips are going to help you to set your sails so you can navigate successfully towards building an Ultra responsive and profitable e-mail list of subscribers.

Building an e-mail list is the easy part of your list building process. You can set up a free gift along with a squeeze page that allows you to capture your visitors e-mail address and then you just need to find targeted traffic and direct it towards your squeeze page. Once your new subscribers are added your list and directed through your sales funnel; there are 3 things you must do in order to increase your chances of making back-end profits.

Use Your Auto-responder To Segment Your List

Using your auto-responder service so that you can segment your lists is vital to separating your list of prospects from your proven buyers. Once one of your prospects has purchased a product from you; it is vital that you set your auto responder to automatically take a prospect off that prospect list and places them on to a buyer’s list. The last thing you want to happen is to have one of your buyers receive the same e-mails as a prospect would. This would mean that your proven buyer would receive e-mails promoting the same product that they have already purchased.

If you do not segment your lists then you run the risk of annoying your buyers and having them unsubscribe from your e-mail list. Finding proven buyers is the hardest part of building a highly profitable e-mail list of subscribers. So always make sure you segment your prospects from your buyers so they receive different e-mails from you.

Find A Good Balance Of Promotions And Free Content Emails

You may already be a subscriber to another marketers e-mail list. You may have unsubscribed from someone’s e-mail list yourself simply because they over promoted to you. On the other hand it is just as harmful to give too much free information away to your subscribers. You run the risk of conditioning your subscribers to expect free information from you with every e-mail you send out to them. One way to make sure that you find the balance of providing great free information combined with allowing yourself to promote your products and services is to use the “soft sell” approach.

You can provide fantastic free information within your e-mails and then offer your related products services at the bottom of your e-mails. This nicely strikes a balance and soon you will see that your subscribers are happy to receive promotional e-mails from you as they know that great content is going to be coming their way also.

Staying The Course Distance

Branding yourself and allowing your subscribers to get used to you as a marketer is vital for your responsiveness and ultimately making massive back-end profits. If you don’t send enough e-mails out to your subscribers they will soon unsubscribe from your list or simply will not bother opening your e-mails.

Again you must use your auto responder service to its fullest and create as many e-mails as possible so that they can be delivered to your new subscribers automatically as soon as they join your e-mail list. Drip feeding content to them over many weeks or even months allows you to cover all types of personalities within your e-mail list database. You will find that many of your subscribers will buy from you straight away and some will wait and wait until they eventually buy from you after they have received the very last e-mail from you.

By setting up as many e-mails as possible to go out automatically to your subscribers; you are really increasing your chances of making greater back-end sales and also preventing your list from going cold and making sure they stay Ultra responsive to your e-mails.