$1000 Business Cash Injection – What Would YOU Do With It & How?

cash-injectionOkay here’s the scenario:

You wake up and realize you have just been handed a $1,000 cash injection to use on your new online Internet Marketing business.

What do you do with it?

Do you spend it on some fancy new software or maybe on a new laptop that is more reliable than the old heap of junk you currently own?

You know that you like the idea of building a HUGE list of prospects that you can tap into any time of day, build relationships with and build a dependable and hugely profitable business around.

But you also know that creating products like software or even information products can be a very lucrative business model once you know what you are doing.

Well if someone handed me $1000 to play around with so I could get up and running with my new I.M. business; here’s what I would do:

Knowing that I was already looking to get into I.M. but wasn’t sure where to start I would start off by looking at then joining all the successful product creators/list builders/top Internet Marketers email lists to uncover where the HOT NICHE areas are that they operate in.

This would give me a game plan of what kind of sales funnel I need to create in order to get off to the best possible start and gain some initial momentum.

I would then make a plan of every single tool, part(s) of my sales funnel I would need and then go through each step until it was completed and then move onto the next and so on until I have a fully functional sales funnel that works.

So my plan would start like this:

  • Create 2 squeeze pages
  • Create a FREE gift (to give away to others so I can add people to my email list)
  • Create at least 2 products and add them to my sales funnel (create them myself or use P.L.R content that comes with re-sell rights)
  • Buy some graphics for my sales pages
  • Create the thank-you pages/download pages so customers can access their purchased products
  • Create 2 different variations of my sales pages (again this can be outsourced by paying someone else to do it for you or if you are using P.L.R then you may just want to change things around a little)
  • Invest in a reliable email marketing service that allows me send emails out to my subscribers without any problems with deliver-ability of your emails (Get-response or Aweber)
  • Invest in reliable hosting services (Host-gator, Blue-host etc)
  • Invest in reliable TRACKING SOFTWARE (like link tracker, Infusion-soft or if you have uploaded your product(s) to JV Zoo or Warrior+ you can use their tracking links to see where your sales are coming from) so you can test the HELL out of it and make it PROFITABLE!
  • Create 5-10 emails to go out to my new subscribers as soon as they enter my sales funnel (All have links in them that point to FREE content plus ones that recommend my products and services)
  • Make sure that at least one of my products or services offer a RECURRING PAYING training program or members program that helps members create their own successful online business

Right so you now have a plan and you just need to work through each of the tasks to get to the next stage which will be to test every possible aspect of your sales funnel until it GIVES YOU a fully functional and reliable profit machine you can simply drive traffic to and make money every single day, week, month etc etc.

Okay it may look like a lot of work but remember that most of this can be outsourced like the graphics, sales pages, squeeze pages and the email services run on autopilot anyway once you’ve added those initial 5-10 emails to go out on autopilot.


Once you have set this system up, you can sit back and start THROWING SOME TRAFFIC AT IT!

which way

Right let’s FAST FORWARD a little and assume you have set up everything as mentioned above and you have your tracking software ready to go either from link tracker, Infusion-soft, JV Zoo or Warrior+ or any other tracking platform you wish to use.

You now need to place TRACKING LINKS in every single possible place you can think of so that you can TEST the hell out your sales funnel from the front (your squeeze page) to the back end (your email sequences, broadcast emails).

You can either test your SQUEEZE PAGES using Google Analytics (which is FREE) or you can use the tracking software you’ve chosen to invest some of your $1000 cash injection in.

It is also possible to test how well your sales pages convert against each other using Google Analytics also.

This is entirely up to you but if you have invested in tracking software you may want to test every aspect of your sales funnel in one single tracking platform so you have everything nicely stored in one place.

Once you have your squeeze pages at least ready for testing; you need to list every single place you are going to be linking to your products from like:

  • Your follow up email messages (yes you can add tracking links inside these links so you can see which emails are making the most sales for you)
  • Broadcast messages
  • Sales pages (O.T.O’s)
  • Up-sell pages
  • Blog posts
  • Banner ads
  • Forum posts
  • Ads in your membership sites (recurring paying service programs)
  • Ads you place on your download pages

Once you are happy that you have everything tracked in your sales funnel and you now have everything in place so you can build a profitable email list of subscribers and make sales both at the front and back end of your sales funnel…

…You now are ready to start THROWING TRAFFIC AT THIS THING!

Now you can go out there and buy some traffic so that you can test this sales funnel you’ve built as fast as possible.

Using FREE traffic isn’t an option here.


But if you want to see the numbers FAST…

…You need to spend some money on traffic so that you can get a clear picture of what people want so that you can find a SUCCESSFUL SALES FUNNEL that works and can make you money rather then just guessing and hoping for the best.

So you can head on over to Safe-Swaps.com and find some reputable solo ad vendors that come highly recommended and offer a reliable service.

You can of course look at the Warrior Forum to find solo ad sellers also but a with Safe Swaps you can see live quality scores of who offers good traffic and who has traffic that won’t be any good for your offers.

These solo ad sellers will send out an email to their lists (that you provide or they will write it for you) in return for a payment from you.

You may pay around $40 – $60 for 100 clicks depending on the solo ad sellers prices.

Note that the more clicks you buy the cheaper is works out for you.

So if you bought 300 clicks the rate of cost would decrease meaning you would be getting more clicks for each dollar you have spent.

Remember that you have a large chunk of money left over from your $1000 cash injection and you can now start throwing these clicks at your sales funnel and look at the results in your click tracking software or Google Analytics etc.

Now all you need to do is keep buying traffic, look at your results, make any tweaks necessary to your sales funnel until it spits out cash on demand, builds your list and adds buyers to your list(s) and adds recurring paying members to your members training product/program you created that I recommended earlier in this post.

So as soon as you have found a WINNER out of the 2 squeeze pages and have found which one converts the best you simply ditch the losing one and create another and test that one against the winner until it beats the original winning squeeze page.

This is the same for your sales pages. You test the hell out of them until you fell you can’t go any higher with your sales conversions.

Again this is the same for your emails. Look at your stats and see which emails are bringing in the best results.

If you see that your best performing emails are content emails that have links to paid products; move them to the front of your sequence and make more sales, add them to your blog and use them as blog posts, use them as broadcast emails etc etc.

This is what testing does for you.

It points it’s skinny finger right at what is making YOU more money and what needs to be dumped so you can concentrate on driving more traffic to those winning squeeze pages, sales pages, emails etc.

You are now happy that you are building a massive list of buyers faster than you ever dreamed, you are making sales every single day and your recurring paying members program is being crammed with FRESH new members that pay you every single month as long as they are members at your program.

So that’s how I would use my $1000 cash injection.

How would you use yours?

Please feel free to add your ideal business model ideas, comments, questions below. And of course those who take time and add useful comments are always welcome here.