10 Second Sneaky Affiliate Sales Trick Quadruples Sales & Keeps Visitors Engaged

hush-200Today I wanted to share something with you all that escaped my capture for weeks on end before I finally decided I was going to learn how to PULL this trick off MYSELF & massively stack my affiliate/my own conversion odds in my favor.

It has been used by all successful affiliate/product owners marketers as a way of keeping their new subscribers engaged and it completely eliminates confusion & increases sales.

You see as soon as someone opts into your list via your lead capture page, they can immediately be directed to an affiliate offer or indeed your own offer that is closely related to the FREE gift your new subscriber originally opted in for.

So instead of them opting in and immediately seeing an offer page, they see a REDIRECT PAGE that tells them their FREE gift is on it’s way & it has been delivered to their email inbox. It then tells them (on the same redirect page) that they are also being directed to an additional (offer) page.

This could be your affiliate offer or your own one time offer that they can then take a look at & buy if they think it will help them with whatever it is they require more information etc.

So, let’s take a deep breath!


…Because I am now going to go through exactly how YOU can set one of these up in the next few minutes EASILY & increase your chances of making affiliate/your own sales without confusing your new subscribers & even worse SCARE THEM OFF because they haven’t got a clue why they have been met with a completely different page after they have opted into your list.

So let’s begin:

Step #1

First of all you will need to have Kompozer or NVU installed on your computer (both are completely FREE) so you can set up your redirect page.

Once you have done so you need to open one of them up (whichever you choose to download) & start a completely FRESH page from scratch.


Step #2

You now have a choice whether you wish to add a ‘Background’ image to your redirect page to give it that edge. This is completely optional of course & you can leave the background blank but if you want to add an image then you can simply type “FREE Background Images” into Google and you’ll find tons of options to choose from.


 Once you have downloaded your FREE background image, you need to head on over to Kompozer or NVU again & add your background image. First you need to select the “FORMAT” button at the top of the menu bar, then select “Page Colors & Background” from the drop down menu.

Then you simply select your image from the file where you saved it on your computer and add it.

That’s IT!

Here are some more screen shots to help you see exactly how it’s done:




Step #3

Next you need to decide what offer your NEW SUBSCRIBER is going to see as soon as they opt into your list to receive their FREE gift.

Remember you can use high converting affiliate offers that match your FREE offer or greatly compliment them or you are free to add your own offers/products & services.


Once you have decided you now need to add the Java-script redirect code that allows this whole process to take place.

Head on over to this site (Click Here) and simply copy & paste the code as shown below in the image from this site into a notepad & keep it for safe keeping.


Once you have this code pasted into a notepad you need to head back to your HTML editor (Kompozer or NVU) and paste this code into your page:




That’s all for this step, you now need to save this in a file on your computer and upload it to Filezilla.

Save it to wherever you need to at Filezilla and then make a note of the URL once you have done so.

Step #4

You now need to head on over to your auto-responder (email marketing messaging service) & paste the URL of the saved HTML file redirect you just created in STEP 3.

In this example I’m going to use screen shots from Getresponse as this is the email marketing service I currently use. You can use Aweber for this also it doesn’t really matter as long as you have a URL to paste into your squeeze page web form.




Step #5

Upload your squeeze page to Filezilla & start driving traffic to it using as many FREE or paid traffic sources that are as closely related to your offer as possible.

After you have completed the steps for creating your redirect page it should look (& WORK) similarly to this:

Click Here To LIVE Example of redirect page

So let’s look at some more screen shots of how this whole process should look once you have completed all the steps as shown above:




Step #6


To see & make sure everything works smoothly so you can capitalize on something that allows you to run a 99% automated sales funnel machine in the background whilst YOU focus on driving TRAFFIC to these sales funnels until you start seeing a nice steady flow of payments roll into your affiliate/personal accounts.

Well that is it.

Hope you enjoyed this demonstration of how your new subscribers can avoid total confusion & see your affiliate/your own one time offers at the same time that gives YOU peace of mind that everyone gets what they want & YOU can make sales!

Which is why YOU are in business in the first place right?

For those of you who are still confused on how this works, if enough of you ask using the comments box for me to create a live demonstration of me setting this whole system up I will do so in the near future no problem at all.

Also remember that you can leave your own views/comments/suggestions etc at the box below.