10 Quick And Simple Strategies You Can Put Into Action Today To Reach Massive Blog Success

10 Quick And Simple Strategies You Can Put Into Action Today To Reach Massive Blog Success.

Hi Guys,

For those of you who already may know me; you’ll know that I’m a BIG FAN & ADVOCATE for full time blogging online.

Not only is blogging great for building highly targeted traffic, leads and SALES into your business; it also does the following too:

It builds trust between YOU and your audience (regular readers and subscribers).

It builds credibility.

Creates a FAN BASE that will keep coming back for more great content!


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Blogs alone can build LONG LASTING relationships between you and those who become lifetime RAVING fans of your work.

And of course the ONE THING I LOVE about blogging is that it has NEVER FELT like a JOB!!!

It’s more like FUN to me.

But you can build a business and get paid for doing it all at the same time.

And one thing that I’ve learned over the past years from regular blogging, building a database of email subscribers, creating useful products and services and so on is that YOU can learn so much from other successful people/marketers online or even offline for that matter.

This applies exactly the same to blogging too and I’ve learned a TON of cool stuff from some of the most experienced bloggers within the industry over that time too.

This is great because what it does is it allows you to avoid many or most of the pitfalls you can face and FORCES you to follow a very basic but VITAL set of rules or strategies that in time begin to EXPLODE your results online through the medium of blogging.

And of course for those of you who are just starting out as bloggers or are in the process of setting one up; it can become very frustrating and quite confusing as there are so many options and opinions as to which hosting, domain name, theme, marketing and content you should choose to write etc.

That’s why YOU would very wise to follow an already well established and successful blog owner you can use as a mentor so that you’re not allowing yourself to get sidetracked and will SHOW YOU what actually works and what needs to be completely avoided allowing you to reach massive blog success.

So what I’ve done for you today is I’ve condensed what I’ve learned from other successful blog owners over the past few years into 10 EASY to apply steps you can follow and that will get you off the ground up and running so that you can enjoy the fruits of what blogging can bring to your online business.

Okay let’s begin these 10 blogging commandments shall we?


1. Build An Email List From Your Blog STARTING NOW!

It’s true.

People who join your lists from your blog are some of the most BEST possible leads and customers you can ever dream of.

These people are SERIOUS about getting more information from you especially if they’re willing to read your content, scroll through endless pages on your blog and then ultimately keep coming back for more content once they get notified via email after signing up to your list through your blog.


Owning a list of targeted subscribers who like you and respect you as a coach, speaker, provider of useful products and services they can purchase from you is a HUGE ASSET to have in your business.

Not only that, owning a GOLDEN email list like this means that you can become far much less dependent on external PAID traffic sources that can be over hyped and far too expensive for what they’re worth.

Also, you can avoid the TRAP of thinking that FREE traffic sources is the answer to your problems too as these can become very tiresome, time consuming and produce results VERY SLOWLY for your business; which means that you’re never going to get to see any pattern in what is actually WORKING for your business so that you can RUN with it and concentrate on growing profits instead.

By owning such a list you are also allowing your business to grow a bottom line of BUYERS and repeat customers plus a chance for people to share your content around the web every time you write an in depth and rich piece of information for others to enjoy and grow from.

This step can be set up in just minutes by setting up an email auto-responder account at either GetResponse or Aweber for example.

2. Be At The READY When Ideas Spring To Mind.

Have you ever been out and about with your family or friends enjoying life or taking a shower for example when suddenly a GREAT IDEA for your next blog post or product EXPLODES out of your mind?

Well if the answer was yes, here’s another important question:

“Did you have your phone or a notepad at the ready so you can jot down those ideas so you don’t forget to put them into action once you get back to the office”?

NO, then you’re losing out BIG TIME.

Hey I admit it myself; it can be EXTREMELY HARD trying to come with NEW and EXCITING ideas for your next blog post.

And the BEST ones always seem to hit me when I’m either in the shower or out running.

It has been proven that we as human beings tend to come with solutions to problems or are at our most creative when we’re doing something that occupies our minds at an easy level like doing the dishes, taking a shower, hoovering, cleaning or anything that can be done without us really having to think hard about we’re doing at that time.

So always carry something around with you that allows you to take note immediately when those IDEAS just suddenly appear out of nowhere.

Overtime those ideas could be worth their weight in GOLD to you and your blogging business.

3. Content Sharing Buttons.

If you’re using Word-press you can do this in just a couple of minutes using one of their free or paid social icon content page sharing buttons plug-ins.


We all know that Google, Facebook and Twitter own a HUGE share of the worlds Internet visitors so why not allow your blog fans to share your content around the world with one simple click of a button icon?

Shared content can generate some of the BEST traffic you can find on the web.

There’s an unlimited amount of VIRAL TRAFFIC on offer here once you find momentum with your blog and the market REACH you can gain through shared content via social media is not to be missed.

4. Networking.

Just imagine if NO ONE ever bothered to network with one another on the web.

There would be NO POINT of it ever existing in the first place would there?

So instead of trying to out fight and out GUN every other blog owner who’s in competition with you; why not try to “NETWORK” with them instead and allow them to ‘GROW’ your presence and enhance theirs at the same time by working alongside them.

Besides you’re never going to beat those who have been around for years anyway.

If you look around carefully you’ll find that there are TONS of well established blog owners who have come together to share ideas and concepts with one another and thus FORGING great relationships and businesses out of this simple process.

All you need to do is simply REACH OUT to these well established blog owners and offer to do some “Guest Posting” for them which we’ll go into a little more detail very soon.

5. S.E.O. – BORING I Know But Basics Can Be Learned Very Quickly And Easily.

There’s literally an ENDLESS amount of FREE information you can find on the search engines for setting up very basic S.E.O. on all of your blog posts etc.

Now I know that I briefly mentioned that ‘FREE Traffic’ can be very time consuming, tedious and takes forever to show you where your STRONG and WEAK points are in your business but by learning how to do just the basics of S.E.O. will stand you in good stead every time you create a brand new piece of content for your blog.


You’re already creating and adding a consistent stack of content to your blog; so why not learn the basics of S.E.O. and take full advantage of seeing a TON of FREE organic and TARGETED traffic head towards your blog as you progress and move forward with your business.

Try typing “S.E.O. Basic Steps” or something similar into Google and you’ll find a huge library of information that has been kindly added by many experienced bloggers and webmasters for free for you to take full advantage of.

Besides it only takes a few more minutes of your time to set up every time you add a new post to your blog so it just makes complete sense to allow the search engines to pick up your content and send you lot’s of lovely free organic traffic.

6. Make A Plan And Stick To It!

We’ve all been there where we get caught up in other areas of our business and forget or neglect other parts and in turn over time these areas of our business begin to suffer as a result.

This can be said for maintaining a REGULAR SCHEDULE for posting at your blog.

Do you aim to post 2 times per week at your blog?

Once per day?

5 times per month?

What I would say is an ideal posting plan is to keep adding your post ideas to your “Ideas Text File” or whatever you plan to use (as we mentioned earlier) and dip into those ideas as they are still as FRESH in your mind as possible.

That way you’ll be able to stay consistent with your posts and keep a nice steady flow of loyal readers, leads and customers coming into your business via your blog and the HIGH quality posts you add to it.

A lot of newcomers always tend to GO CRAZY at the beginning and try to post 10 times per week at their blogs and end up becoming “BURNED OUT” as a result after just a few weeks and end up quitting all together on blogging because they’re not seeing 10,000 visits per day begin to light up in their stats panel.

It simply won’t work and this is a very unrealistic target to have in your mind.

The more you post; the LOWER the QUALITY of your posts will become meaning that people will soon STOP visiting your blog altogether as a result.

Posting 3 – 4 times per month or once per week is a good start.

And again planning what you’re going to write about through your ideas will allow you to produce HIGH quality posts that people will love to come back to read again and again.

Another TOP TIP I highly recommend is to write out your posts in BLOCKS.

So you can write an outline for Monday as an example of what you’re going to write about and then once that block has been done; you can then focus on writing the next block of your post on Tuesday and so on until you have the finished article ready to go out LIVE.

This way the QUALITY of your posts will remain at a very high standard.

So you could do:

500 words on Monday

500 on Tuesday

500 on Wednesday

500 on Thursday

And by the end of the week you’ll have an in DEPTH 2,000 word HIGH quality written blog post that you can be proud of and you won’t even feel like you’ve run yourself into the ground doing so either.

7. 2 Way Guest Posting.

Okay so now we are going to talk about “Guest Posting” as I promised we would earlier in this article.

This can be done both ways where you and another blogger who is in the same niche as you get together and post content at each others blogs.

So if you’re just starting out you can locate those who already have a well established and reputable blog and offer them some of your content in exchange for a link back to your own blog.

This way you’re building up solid content for their blog and they’re returning the favor by sending you lot’s of their targeted visitor traffic too.

And of course you’ll be able to return the favor to upcoming blog owners too by allowing them to post content at your blog in exchange for a link once you gain some momentum from your blogging ventures.

Here’s a couple of tips to follow before you add a ‘Guest Post’ at someone else blog:

1. Only offer content that YOU would be proud to add at your blog.

2. Make sure it is LONG enough to claim a spot at a high well established blog – 1,000 words plus.

3. Do a keyword search to seek out “What Topics Are HOT” for you to write about before you begin to create a guest blog post.

8. Give Your Blog A REAL BOOST From Scratch!

If you’re just starting out as a blog owner then it can be really difficult to create stellar content that attracts visitors to keep coming back to your blog and become RAVING FANS of your content.


So one way around this is to approach other well known and established marketers in your niche and ask them whether they would be interested in allowing YOU to interview them.

People who visit your blog are looking for answers after all so why not get those answers straight from the horses mouth.

This will give your BLOG a much needed BOOST within it’s early days as people will flock to your site to look at the TOP NOTCH content that has been added there by a highly regarded influential face in the community.

You can conduct simple little 30 – 45 minute interviews with these well respected market leaders and of course in return you can allow them to plug their offers/business throughout the interview as this will help them to brand their business and spread their message about their offers and services too.

You can conduct a simple at Google to find and locate these leaders and their blogs and then you can find all the relevant contact details and then of course take things from there.

You’ll gain lot’s of useful insights too from the materials and secrets that they share with you and of course you’ll be building relationships too which is always a vital strategy to have in your armory that hardly anyone ever seems to mention.

Prior to conducting your interview you can find and locate some FAQ’s regarding the niche or sub-niche you’re about to talk about that people need answering.

Then once you have a list of common questions that people tend to need help with in your niche you can go through them 1 by 1 whilst recording your interview.

Not only does this add weight to your blog; overtime if you conduct enough interviews you can package up these interviews and SELL them as products, add them to your membership sites and so on.

9. Mix Things Up.

Try to add videos , MP3’s (interview recordings), Images to your blog posts so that you’re catering to a much wider audience.

This also allows you to keep your blog FRESH, alive and interesting!

This also helps to keep your readers engaged and increases loyalty and readership once your blog begins to fill up with lot’s of JUICY but varied content that gets shared around the web.

Which brings us nicely onto the next subject.

10. Always SHARE Your Results!

You’re already running a full time blog so why not SHARE any insights, experiences, successes you’ve had along the way with your business.


I’ve found that people really LOVE case studies and real life results with methods that WORK in the real world.

This is why I mentioned previously that you should always be taking note of any IDEAS you suddenly come up with.

But it is just as important to RECORD and then SHARE any experiences or results you’ve had whether it be through your blogging ventures, building your lists, creating or writing sales copy or anything else that you think your audience will find very useful and an get real insights from.

We’ve all had difficult moments and times in our business as well as away from this side of our lives too.

If you’re comfortable with doing so, you could share little titbits of your private life, your lifestyle, hobbies anything you’ve learned outside of your business life just to ENGAGE and bridge the gap between YOU and your audience.

Okay that’s all for today’s quite lengthy post.

Please feel free to leave your comments and thoughts below plus if you this information useful please feel free to share it using the social sharing buttons either above or below this post.

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